Protecting the Environment is Our Responsibility



     Sandioss Company is located in Qingpu high-tech Industrial Park inShanghai.

The company specializes in eco-friendly gold leaching agents, cyanide residue

tailings treatment agents, and gold extraction and leaching of complex gold ores,

silver ores and electronic circuit boards. Sandioss is a company that integrates of

research, production and sales.

     Through our unremitting efforts and innovation for years, we have successfully

developed environment-friendly gold leaching agent "non-cyanide leaching gold

agent", breaking the golden rule of using sodium cyanide to extract gold in the

world. This innovation obtains the national certificate of patent and complete with

independent intellectual property rights, changing the world, to rely on sodium

cyanide leaching gold. It is not only a major breakthrough in the history of world

environmental protection, but also in the gold ore industry of the world.

     The product achievement obtains the related authority's authentication, and

cooperates with each big gold company and the industrialization application. The

result of using this new eco-friendly gold leaching agent is as the same as the

result of using cyanide while fully conforms to the national environmental

protection emission request.

     Sandioss has always been committed to the state, advocated the mine

environment protection of gold and innovative technology, focused on green

mining to reduce pollution, responded to the  call of the country for altering

poisonous and harmful product. We actively advocate and practice the regulations and the polices of "less cyanide, low cyanide and non cyanide” of gold leaching. We also adhere to the principle of the development of innovative research and

development in harmony with the environment, protect the ecological environment, and promote the harmonious development of human beings and natural environment.

     Sandioss, helps you solve the problem from the very beginning.

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